Discover the World’s Best Kept Secrets

Discover the World's Best Kept Secrets

If you’re planning on setting your sights a little further afield than the standard holiday visit to the seaside this year, look no further. Most of us are unlikely to see even a fraction of the awe-inspiring locations that are dotted around the globe, but some are well worth journeying slightly below the radar for ­- from untouched beaches to wild mountain ranges, there’s so much to be discovered.

Cantanzaro, Italy

A bustling metropolis in the Calabria region of Italy, Cantanzaro is a picturesque city boasting stunning vistas overlooking the Ionian Sea. This coastal region may not receive the same publicity as its Roman or Milanese counterparts, but it holds its own in the beauty stakes. With some of Italy’s most breath-taking beaches, Cantanzaro provides the perfect backdrop for a secluded beach break – its rich cultural heritage and fantastic architecture are well worth exploring, too.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

For a true taste of Indonesia, look no further than Yogyakarta. The perfect blend of serene rice fields, grandiose temples and awe-inspiring architecture, Yogyakarta is well worth the stamp in your passport. Wander through the ornate temples, sample the local cuisine and soak up the tranquil atmosphere that emanates from every pore of this town.

Yaeyama Islands, Japan

For a unique glimpse into Japan’s undiscovered side, head to the Yaeyama Islands for an idyllic beach paradise. A diverse blend of exotic jungle landscapes, unspoilt golden beaches and charming villages, the Yaeyama Islands are a worthy rival of the Bahamas. If you’re looking to spend your summer break somewhere a little more unusual, this group of islands is the ideal destination – compare prices of flights, pack a suitcase and enjoy this undiscovered beach haven.

Wrangell-Saint Elias Wilderness, Alaska

If you’re looking to get a little closer to nature this time around, there’s nowhere quite like Alaska. A rural haven of rugged mountains and glistening glaciers, this is a nature-lovers dream. In particular, the Wrangell-Saint Elias wilderness is one location not to be missed. This wilderness area is the largest in the United States, with untamed landscapes as far as the eye can see, yet still remains one of the lesser-known wilderness destinations in the world.

Bay Islands, Honduras

Honduras is home to many wonderful holiday hot spots, but one in particular sets it apart from every beach holiday you’ve ever been on – the Bay Islands. Nestled along the Mesoamerican coral reef, the longest in the world, these three islands play host to more white sands than you can set your sights on, picture-perfect clear waters and a trove of exotic wildlife – scuba diving doesn’t get more tremendous than here. This is one destination that you will remember for eternity.