Faro – Where The Sun Kisses The Beaches

Faro - Where The Sun Kisses The Beaches

Faro, the capital city of the Algarve, is one of the best tourist destinations in Portugal. Medieval and modern vie here side by side. Cathedrals, Museums, underwater sports, migratory birds, gourmet restaurants, friendly cafes and relaxing beaches are its visiting hotspots. A wise tourist will keep at least 3 days for Faro for an enjoyable tour.

The starting point of the tour is necessary to be the old town area. The old city gives a peep into the ‘golden age’ of Portugal. It is called ‘Cidade Velha’. Its cobblestoned pathways and old style buildings have retained their Moorish sheen and a glimpse of the historical grandeur of Portugal. Harbor in the area, its art gallery-The Galeria de Arte Trem-its friendly cafes,its museum and its 13th century cathedral -the Arco de Villa are some of the places to see in the Old Town Area. The famous church Capela dos Ossos is perhaps the most unique place of Faro. This name in plain English means the chapel of bones. This quaint place has decoration with human bones and skeletons of monks collected from the nearby cemetery. The famous museum of Archaeology is interesting in its situation. This is to be found in one of the oldest convent of Portugal .Its treasure of historical statues and old paintings are wonderful.

Faro is good for those who love the sea and beaches. It is easy to get mesmerized by the enchanting sunset of – Ilha de Berreta or Ilha de Armona- two of the famous beaches of Faro. One inclined to have a drink and listen to the tradition of live music should not miss the Bar ChesSenta at Rua de Prior, 24, Faro.contact +351 931 1943 14 for finding directions. Teatro Leathes is a cool bar that offers melodious music along with delicious drinks one likes. This place can be easily found in Rua Lethes Town Centre

The Hidroescape offers the thrill of underwater wonders to the tourists. It is safe to have their expert guides and instructors to dive and be enchanted by the old shipwrecks, natural and artificial reefs and marine life for a fun filled time .The instructors and guides know their sea and have a passion for it. The marine life around the diving areas is a treat to watch.

Another experience is to go quad biking. The Rooster quad bike tour is unique for its day tour. Segway tours offer a vehicle to promote mobility and enjoy Algarve .It adds to the attraction due the fact that the vehicles are eco-friendly machines.

Shopping at Faro provides the opportunity for traditional and contemporary items writer. Local handicraft consists mainly of ceramic items to be also found in Faro’s all purpose flea market. It would be good to buy a ceramic trinket as a souvenir of the visit.

Those who are inclined to leisurely sports can enjoy a round or two of Golf at Faro. It boasts of one of the most internationally acknowledged well designed golf courses.