Architectural Wonders: The Largest Buildings In The World

Architectural Wonders: The Largest Buildings In The World

What people consider the largest building in the world depends on how “largest” is defined. Some people consider “largest” to be defined by inhabitable space, and others consider “largest” defined as the largest floor space. Still others may take a vertical approach in the definition of the “largest” building. For the sake of this brevity, let’s focus on buildings with the largest floor space. Here are what most experts consider the largest buildings in the world:

1. Abraj Al Bait Towers – Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Abraj Al-Bait Towers or the Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower is the second tallest building in the world, and also the world’s tallest hotel. More importantly, the hotel boasts the largest floor space of any building in the world. It also boasts the world’s largest clock face. The Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower is strategically located near the world’s largest mosque and the Madjid al Haram. Saudi Binladin Group was the developer and contractor of the complex.

2. Dubai International Airport -Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai International Airport is home to Emirates, the largest airline hub in the Middle East(you can only imagine the travel hassle when you get to this place). The Dubai hub receives 60 percent of all passenger traffic. Dubai Airport covers 8,640 acres of land and is the thirteenth busiest airport in the world. In 2011, the airport served 50.98 million passengers.

3. Central World – Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is home to one of the world’s largest shopping plazas in the world. In fact, it is the third largest shopping complex in the world. The mall boasts eight stories. This complex also includes an office and a hotel and was originally named The World Trade Center in 1990 when it was built. The building has had two name changes since 2002. The second name change to Central World occurred in 2005.

4. Aalsmeer Flower Auction – Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer Flower Auction is the largest flower auction in the world. The auction feature flowers from all over the world including Europe, Ecuador, Ethiopia and Columbia. Flowers are traded daily at this facility. On Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, this auction receives a 10 percent increase in sales. The flowers are of high quality and are checked 30 times and graded. The auction operates based on a Dutch principle. The prices begin high and are lowered until a buyer is found.

5. Beijing Capital International Airport – Beijing, China

Beijing Capital International Airport is not only one of the largest buildings in the world, but it is the second busiest airport in the world behind Atlanta International Hartsfield Airport.

The largest buildings in the world are impressive in terms of sheer floor space, but buildings such as Boeing Everett Factory and Target Distribution Center in Washington have the largest useable floor space wisata malang. Take a look at some of the largest buildings in the world for architectural inspiration.